Oh Dot Com

There was an interesting announcement last week from ICANN to the effect that companies and brands will be able to acquire virtually any internet suffix in the next 18 months.  While this comes at a very steep price, it could mean that large    companies like Disney could move away from domains like “” and use domains like  “Purchase.Disney” instead.

 In my opinion, even if the price comes down from the expected suffix price of $185,000 I think it will be difficult for brands to gain customer acceptance of their custom domain suffix. Note that even today, there is quite a bit of hesitation on the part of many users to click on anything but a ".com". This is a psychological factor. Just look at the traffic differential between "" which gets 134k visits/month and "" which gets around 700 visits. Would an overstock customer really click on "o.o" ??

Please post a response as I'm very interested to hear your comments.

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