Directories & Review Sites

What is a Directory and what purpose does it serve?

Directories are websites which collect and publish links and descriptions of their member  websites.  One well known example of a directory is "The Yellow Pages".  And yes, there is an online version.  The original idea behind directories i that consumers will look for a product or business using the directory.  Signing up for a directory, should at least in principle, drive traffic to your website.  In reality, most people use a search engine to find products and far fewer actually use directories.  There are exceptions of course such a the "best deal" product directories used by obsessive bargain shoppers.  There are a number of directories which specialize in a unique market niche, for example which caters to the Canadian Outdoorsman with links to wildlife and forestry resources - no commercial interests. In all there are several thousand specialty directories around the web.

Directories serve another important purpose from an SEO perspective.  Some of them are well established "trusted" sites with significant Page Rank.  Signing up to have have your link posted is often free although some directories charge a nominal fee of $20-$30. Avoid the directories which charge $350 unless you have a specific reason to spend your money there.   What's more, some of the free directories will post your link quickly, sometimes within a few days!

So the reason to sign up with directories is that it's a convenient and inexpensive way to get some quality backlinks.

What are Review Sites and how can YOU benefit from using them?

First of all Review Sites are a kind of Directory.  That said, Review sites try to gain credibility through the trendy concept of "social media".  The way it works is simple.  Create an account in one of the review directories, ask some of your most satisfied customers to write you a review and give you lots of "Stars".  

The best known review site for local businesses is Yelp.  We consider having a Yelp account as an absolute must.  However there are a number of other important local review sites which are gaining credibility and competing with Yelp.  We can direct you to the ones which are the most relevant and effective and even help instruct your customers how to write reviews which target the best keywords for your business. 

Local Review Sites are the key to Local Listings!

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