How to test connectivity – a first step to making your site live.

Suppose you just set up a new domain or changed a DNS file to point your domain to a new target folder.

Before you spend any time building the website, you should check that everything is pointing properly and that the site is available live on the internet.

You want to discover if there are any problems at this early stage so you can resolve any issues with your hosting company before you invest precious time in design.

So the task now is to determine if your site is alive.

"It's Alive!" from the movie Young Frankenstein.

Create an index.html in the root (top level) of your empty target folder.

Example: => your hosting account (SiteGround or GoDaddy or other) => your target folder (an empty folder)/ index,html

Copy and paste the following code snippet into that file.

           This page is ALIVE !!!!! 


Point your browser to the domain /  URL and Viola!

Now that your site is alive, there is one more step.

Rename the index.html to something ‘inactive’ like ‘ItsAlive.txt’

Now do your normal website installation, for example, you could install WordPress.


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